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Fertility and Nutrition...and Self-Compassion


I am happy you are here and curious about learning more about Fertility and Nutrition. The approach I am taking on this topic is probably not what you are expecting. Most often, the information provided about Fertility and Nutrition focuses on what is essential to eat and what to avoid eating. The nurse and childbirth educator in me can and will provide you with that information in my online courses, social media posts and some of my blogs, but today I choose to write to you from my health and wellness coaching lens.

If you prefer to read something more about the 'what to eat and not to eat', or you want to learn more about why healthy nutrition before conception is important, I will be getting to that soon. So stay tuned!

For those curious about my twist on the topic and want to know how self-compassion plays into it, keep reading!

I believe it is safe to assume that most of you already suspect that consuming a healthy diet makes for a healthier pregnancy, which leads to birthing a healthier newborn. And You probably have a general idea of what makes a diet healthy.